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May 31st, 2010

Don”t worry @pixeldiva, it doesn”t last. Had mine removed a few years back, and everything returned to normal after a few weeks.

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introducing Helena to the best ice creams in town — at Gelatomania http://gowal.la/v/c/QA1f…

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I’m warned: “The SoftRAID Monitor detected a disk which is predicted to fail based on SMART data at server.local on 31 May 2010 16:54:02.”

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#skype 2.0 calls over #3G are really cool and the quality is stunning. I wonder what the charges will be… #ouch

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Happy birthday @aajhiggs! Bags of good vibes your way mate! I’ll have a pint to your good health - hope to see you soon…

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A very insightful paper (as usual) on the WIRED on iPad app by iA » WIRED on iPad: Just like a Paper Tiger… http://tinyurl.com/33mh5…

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@jm_ch Yeah, I know… “Old habits die hard” ;)

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fixing bugs and making it work better. It ain’t broken mam, I promise you…

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has just noticed that the latest update of Skype for iPhone enables skype2skype calls on 3G networks. A op fee applies though :/

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Dis @PascaleAG .. il s’agit du (plus si) petit Mathias (mon fils) Pas du grand.. :)

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consuming news on toast. Gosh, “Zoe” has slid onto my life has if it had always been there… #ipad http://gdzl.la/86nNhu

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downloading “To the sea” to brigthen up this rainy morning #jackjohnson

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