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September 21st, 2010

my best album of the year so far: “Très très fort” the Benda Bilili! soundtrack http://j.mp/97w5hi Go and see the movie! http://j.mp/bEhZPm

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mashable Twitter Mouseover Security Flaw Affecting Thousands of Users [WARNING] - http://mash.to/2HoSA

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RT @kanthos: Ne passez pas votre curseur sur les bandes noires sur Twitter pour éviter de propager ce ver

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I have added “Beginning Google Map Application” to my aNobii bookshelf http://i.anobii.com/7119…

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working on the content strategy of a site managed with Lenya. Feels like reverse engineering the mental structures that set all this up…

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is under the impression that OpenID is being driven into the ground by Facebook and Twitter’s single sign-on. I don’t like that..

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“Betting on a 7” iPad based on a Kumar “research note” is [..] like betting on the time of day based on a stopped clock” http://j.mp/bmPyyk

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has just discovered that Twitter only makes the last 3,200 tweets per person publicly accessible via their API. How do we get around that?

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Installing Tweetnest and downloading all my tweets… http://pongsocket.com/tw…

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