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July 2012

RT @brainpicker: Love this ingenious book rack by design duo Agusta Magnusdottir & Gustav Johannsson http://t.co/Sy07mNVc

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I’m listening to Redshirts (Unabridged) from @audible_com on my #iPhone http://t.co/J0MiQV88

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has converted an entire press release section into individual PDFs (1500+) thanks to mPDF http://t.co/KKRknhBI #whoosh

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Ouch. This brings me back a long way… — Urgent http://t.co/EyDDl2eH via @lastfm #geniusmix

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Sweet Monday morning PostIt surprise :) #Em @ Cybermedia Concepts http://t.co/jcRh5z2B

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I just stamped “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel” w/ comment. http://t.co/laCaZY1U

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Wishing @yannis_ a very happy birthday and lots of good things! Cheers!

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Followup from yesterday’s bootable Mountain Lion USB drive: make sure to mount the InstallESB.dmg in the Finder before restoring it (!=10.7)

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Just installed @waze on my mobile phone - it’s a free navigation app with fun gaming & social elements! http://t.co/hJWDw8ns

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Jean, the master of tonight’s sound :) http://t.co/eWbptief

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Come on #instagram, you CAN postt on Edge.. Stop failing, please…

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Electro-clash concert. I love the summer :) (@ Parc La Grange) http://t.co/wHalbrPZ

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Burning a USB flash drive with the Mountain Lion 10.8 installer. Seems to work just like in 10.7 http://t.co/2xzPuPN0

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RT @simX: I don’t use Parallels, but spread the word: defaults write com.parallels.Parallels\ Desktop ProductPromo.ForcePromoOff -bool YES

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Cool tip for those w/o fixed IPs: ssh into your Mac (e.g. at home) via iCloud http://t.co/8dHGJ9Mk

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Loosing 1C every half an hour driving north. Bummer. #tos12

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Breakfast, pack, dip (or maybe double dip) in the sea and slowly make tracks towards home (@ Villa Accini Hotel) http://t.co/J53GddQC

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Happy birthday @Pumpkinsouper !! Lots of love and good vibes from the sunny ligurian coast on your special day :)

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Last holiday dinnerr. Pizza oblige. (@ Ristorante Da Ely) http://t.co/G5ecOtch

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Chilling out before our hike back along the coast (@ Bar Centrale) http://t.co/Jfzqm5uJ

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Windy and blue and sunny for our last day by the sea #tos12

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Quite a different scene from our quiet tuscan hills (@ Colpi di Timone) http://t.co/BEDnGSQO

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Just arrived in the 5 Terre (@ Villa Accini Hotel) http://t.co/TYB1EVrm

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Dernier réveil toscan avant de prendre la route vers les Cinque Terre

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Feels good to be called David here ;) (@ Galleria dell’Accademia) http://t.co/8SBpmyhG

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I’m at Officina Profumo (Firenze, Toscana) http://t.co/wewfmCJ9

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Chilling out after having walked our feet off. Love this place :) (@ Caffè degli artigiani) http://t.co/blxaJDAf

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I’m at Piazza del Duomo (Firenze, FI) w/ 2 others http://t.co/RST1R08z

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I’m at Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore (Firenze, FI) http://t.co/zX1O7mrn

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Chilling out (@ DiVinorum Wine Bar) http://t.co/NdM3rETF

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@Pumpkinsouper Oh.. I’ll beam you over - don’t move! This region is truly amazing. Lots of good thoughts your way xx

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Third stage of our trip (@ Castello di Fulignano) http://t.co/HfZqFAwA

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This city is amazing. There’s a story behind each stone, at each street corner. And its beauty is breathtaking #tos12

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I’m at La Taverna Del Capitano (Siena, Toscana) http://t.co/16HDL7RM

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On quitte le sud de la Toscane pour se rendre dans la région de San Gimigliano pour la suite de nos vacances #tos12

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Flying the kite for the first time this season :) http://t.co/XxP1PEGJ

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Belle journée avec Sim et sa famille sur une magnifique plage (@ Macchiatonda) http://t.co/pmABOCkb

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Fantastic food from a colourful menu! Try it out! (@ I Due Cippi) http://t.co/P2b8l3Zw

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I’m at Antico Bar Centrale (Saturnia) http://t.co/5yZBidMU

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Best welcome you can imagine #tos12 @ Lo Scangeo http://t.co/votlyxix

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Chilling by the pool waiting for our rooms (@ Lo Scangeo) http://t.co/t8Cc6kIh

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Morning Genova @ Grand Hotel Savoia http://t.co/FhFArpNV

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Pizza, beer and view on the old harbour. Bliss. (@ Pizzeria Mazzini) http://t.co/3Lq5EZZK

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About to discover Genova (@ Grand Hotel Savoia) http://t.co/LyCgXUeU

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I’m not sure this is the day — but it can’t hurt: happy bday @stephtara! Enjoy your day :)

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Happy birthday @00006480! Many happy returns of the day :) Beautiful morning here - I’m sending it over along with our love

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Meeting Em in town and chilling out (@ Café Mortimer) http://t.co/pIoslb1b

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@loronet Waow - excellent news! Give her a big kiss when you see her - you must be knackered. Love to all of you /@00006480

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Bags of good vibes your way @loronet - keep me posted - love xxx

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Not only would I love one :) but I agree with you: look forward. “Web designers: you need a Retina MBP” http://t.co/voRlp6J8 /@marcoarment

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I’m at Piscine de Carouge (Carouge, Switzerland) http://t.co/KN1Z0qRa

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This is the sweetest USB hub I’ve seen in a while. Shame it’s not USB 3 http://t.co/Z4tajvLu

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Just testing something - pls ignore #tos

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Hmm, I think I’ll pass on this one :/ http://t.co/Mh7nqwg9

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I’m getting this for my virtual machine http://t.co/3343g20D #win8

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Every second counts :) “Leap Second Bug Wreaks Havoc Across Web” http://t.co/DRgIFwBl

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Just picked up my car from the parking that burnt yesterday. Feels like I’m driving out of a volcano..

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Flat with a view.. and what a view! http://t.co/SQQLud8p

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@loronet yeah - we could have been in it - just thought of that :/

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Car blocked in parking due to a car on fire - not sure we’ll be able to use it to leave on holiday next Sat says firefighter #bugger

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Houston, we have a problem - Aperture decided to import MobileMe albums #fail http://t.co/iyO8iAuz

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