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January 16th, 2013

@luigiprincipi hey, sure! (thanks) What about 12:00 at the Maison Rouge? http://t.co/qg137KBz

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A BIG THANK YOU to all the team for your (early morning and late night) presence, help and good humour! You rock! #orieuro

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“Genetic Diversity and Origins of Europeans” conf has come to a close. Thank you all for your enlightening talks and good vibes #orieuro

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“Genetics of European populations in allogenic stem cell transplantation” by Dr. Jean-Marie Tiercy #orieuro

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Latest news: Prof. Emmanouil Dermitzakis’ talk is cancelled. The general discussion is moved before the coffee break #orieuro

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“European genetics in relation to tissue transplantation” by Prof. Frans Claas #orieuro

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Preparing the afternoon session “European genetic diversity in relation to public health” #orieuro http://t.co/ZeUffwPK

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Next up is ”HLA in Europe: immunogenetic diversity of Europeans from an evolutionary point of view” by Prof. Alicia Sanchez-Mazas #orieuro

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“Investigating European genetic history through computer simulations“ by Dr. Mathias Currat (@mathiascurrat) #orieuro

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Oh… :) @TwBirthday: @roessli Happy 6th TwBirthday! You’ve been around since 15 January 2007! http://t.co/qtVgy9RJ

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“Genetic evidence for prehistoric demographic changes in Europe” by Prof. Guido Barbujani #orieuro http://t.co/WBIn0BWk

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