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January 24th, 2014

Man - Chimpanzee chromosomes comparaison. Guess who’s who ua.unige.ch/primates pic.twitter.com/tHPiV8jL4P

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uaunige “Human & Great Apes Speciation: Molecular Insights” about to kickoff ua.unige.ch/primates

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Oh? I’ve just discovered that THF has opened a bar and restaurant at 37 rue Philippe-Plantamour https://t.co/WfLB2UOcSP

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It was just a matter of time “Sex with Google Glass - Wear Glass. Have Sex.” flip.it/oSzEJ

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My email at the time was ROESSLI@CGEUGE52.BITNET “Why was 1984 not really like ’1984’, for me” zite.to/1f9NTIG

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Well worth checking out :) “50 Years of Cuban Film Posters” zite.to/1blaayt

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Remind me to try this out “Thumbor is a self hosted thumbnail-as-a-service” zite.to/KMMUCn

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