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April 2016

I’m at @CoopKinder in Chêne-Bougeries, GE https://t.co/OUuBMHAc9U

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If I play my cards right, I might be coming up here more often 😀 @ United Nations Office at Geneinstagram.com/p/BEvW1BipsJf/gzE

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@Malarkey same here :( but not sure about the most distinctive though…

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Yay! Mon t-shirt de @laquadrature est arrivé ðŸinstagram.com/p/BEinIPNpsF_/e2RCIj8

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Oh… Purple Rain forever… œpic.twitter.com/I9y6EoAngvco/I9y6EoAngv

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Ever wondered what a .DS_Store file contained? You walk in to one nowâ€oosinstagram.com/p/BEVO_-jJsCu/gKsx

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FredericJacobs It’s quite fascinating to think of CAPTCHAs as reverse-Turing tests, where the computer tries to discern humans from computers.

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@penpennypen tks Pen :) They’re okay. Mathias had a bad experience during a German oral exam… (will DM details)

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You can’t expect to soar with the eagles when your teachers are turkeys…

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Going for a walk to let steam off 😡

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School teachers have the power to make or unmake their pupils. Unfortunately, too many abuse of the latter in ways that make me cringeâ€wl

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The latest version of Screens VNC for iOS is amazing :) appsto.re/ch/MBbgN.i

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If only Swisscom TV was HDMI-CEC compliant…@Swisscom_frfr

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RT @Malarkey: IMPORTANT! Don’t update @sketchapp to 3.7. You won’t be able to open older files. If you do, reinstall 3.6.1 here: https://t.…

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.@smashingmag Hi Vitaly — there’s a typo in your newsletter: the FreibConf date should read Tue April 26th, not 24th…

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Yay! Just received my new t-shirt :) @ Cybermedia Concepts instagram.com/p/BEGV05MJsJ0/

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I’m at ADC, Théâtre in Genèswarmapp.com/c/0dQVqwbFZvglkw

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US$129 to hack into a GMail account… “Dell Reveals Pricing For DDoS Attacks, Fake Credit Cards, Etc.” #w https://t.co/9glgCp58bD

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RT @vpieters: Learning to use Google Analytics more effectively with @chriscoyier. https://t.co/AQwXAiwzyo

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fehler Five Simple Steps might have closed, but the books live on! Get the back catalogue (including my books) here: j.mp/1WaixHE

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isostandards Did you know that ISO is developing for Traditional Chinese Medicine? ow.ly/10j3NU pic.twitter.com/BBafDHS3T9

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Quit Calendar.app with sidebar open will NOT save window size… but if you close the sidebar first, it will#bug

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ornikkar La une de Charlie Hebdo du 6 avril 2016 sur le terrorisme fiscal. Par Vuillemin. pic.twitter.com/Gy52gTa5ur

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Yay! Surf’n’Turf tonight <3 instagram.com/p/BDtb8A3psFZ/

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Tonight’s menu: Surf’n’Turf pic.twitter.com/RU0fSlLRFkSlLRFk

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