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December 2016

Stuck in NQY with our flight delayed two hours due to heavy fog in South England. Can’t imagine the chaos in LGW and LHR…

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Flight delayed (maybe cancelled). Power surge busted scanner and conveyor belts. Manually searching luggage and… swarmapp.com/c/7i0DIa0cCKW

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RT @SeriouslyFab: Une pensée pour toutes les personnes qui travaillent aujourd’hui, en particulier dans les hôpitaux et les EMS. 💛🎄

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Tickled to be the 22,681st cat on @BackerKit for Font Awesome 5 | Thx @fontawesome! https://t.co/F8wksyHrrA

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Killing time before we can check in to our flight to Newquay. Could have taken an earlier flight. You just… swarmapp.com/c/1hHGZZ9rWRq

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Hello England (@ London @Gatwick_Airport in Crawley, West Sussex) swarmapp.com/c/hT85SunnWBL

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Pitch dark out there. Time to get up to go to Cornwall :)

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À voir absolument “Du poids des maux à la responsabilité des idées” @manou_bosono@TEDxMarseillei youtu.be/1oKk4i6aOtUII8F

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My have just arrived and they are truely amazing so far <3 @ Cybermedia Concepts instagram.com/p/BOPC3-5h46Y/

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RT @brandonrambles: “Straight men who like other men platonically.”

Masculinity so fragile that even FRIENDSHIP needs a butch makeover. h…

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Sorry for the rant. Certain emails shouldn’t be read before Monday morning …

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Hey, guess what? Web sites and apps require updates + maintenance just like cars, plumbing and boats. You pay your plumber right?

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“Light Masonry” is amazing. I would love to go and see it in action https://t.co/ygbKLGVAIY via @kottke #fb

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Just discovered yet another great podcast “Twenty Thousand Hertz”: 8-bit Sounds overcast.fm/+HhScKAEEs

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Typical: I choose to restore an iPhone the evening iCloud is downâ€ff

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@AppleSupport I have. They are.. (l wouldn’t have said they were concerned by a recall)

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@AppleSupport We currently have 3 iPhones in our household that are concerned by a recall… but our local Store isn’t taking any bookings…

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RT @mathias: “The Web, Worldwide” collects statistics per country about internet connectivity and usage: https://t.co/2la6CPkQyh by @tkadle…

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@UseHours why are you asking me to purchase a Pro account when mine still runs until March 2018? Please don’t lock your paid users out#ftl

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Lunch with Chris and Luigi (@ Longe E Perto) swarmapp.com/c/aypCrAzde1y

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Check out this Wine. I’m giving it 3.5 of 5 stars with the @Vivino app: https://t.co/3kF0pusOyN

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Learn how to secure your Mac and protect your privacy https://t.co/joYu0LP5n5 #fb #w

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Have an iPhone 6S with battery issues? Apple might replace your battery - check here https://t.co/z3WPIabGqW #fb #w

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