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April 2017

@FlySWISS extremely disappointed by the way our lost luggage issue has been handled. Will be filing a complaint

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So sad :( “Ueli Steck killed in Mt Everest accident” https://t.co/3bzOm3GsnU #fb

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Start the week with “Human beings are works in progress that mistakenly think they’re finished” https://t.co/pZtcllIqNn by @DanTGilbert #fb

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I thought it was feeling rather warm in the office <3 pic.twitter.com/7juoK9XxsW

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I like Safari’s “Reload Page From Origin” but discovered that I miss ⌥⌘R to enter “Responsive Design Mode“ https://t.co/hPFc9Yfiv0 #w

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SeriouslyFab Prenez soin de ceux et celles que vous aimez.

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@SeriouslyFab Ooh… :( ça n’est jamais facile de savoir gérer ces moments. En pensées avec toi et lescourage

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RT @Cabaroc: “We’re in the process of completely rethinking the Mac Pro,” Pour en avoir un depuis 2 ans, je peux vous dire que la barre est…

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Good tip for you @Flickr die hards <3 “How To Back Up Your Flickr Library” by @flargh https://t.co/fY7K0ZGDkq #fb #w

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RT @MID_RF: Министерство иностранных дел России разработало пилотную аудиозапись автоответчика для российских дипломатических миссий за рубâ€

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